Gift Ideas

I get asked all the time for gift ideas for the newly diagnosed so I thought the best and easiest thing would be to list the the things I was brought and things I wish I was brought from practical to thoughtful to luxury.

  • Dark nail varnish – I was brought Chanel Noir but I’m a massive fan of Rimmel 60 second dry varnishes too. Chemotherapy can really effect your nails so any pampering around hands and feet is always a good place to start if your stuck for ideas.
  • Space Masks – They should be on prescription. I wish I had them whilst doing chemo. They are just a simple but luxurious way to keep calm and relaxed when anxiety and pain are consuming you.
  • Silk Head Scarf – Silk was the most comfortable I found. I had some great Vintage ones. Liberty do the most beautiful selection.
  • Photos and Prints – I spent so much time in my Bed I asked my husband to just hang different frames and prints I have been given. It was a source of positivity. When I’m feeling ill and alone I looked up and everything on the wall made me smile.
  • Audio Book subscription – I don’t have one but I wish I did when I was in treatment. I found the noise of the tv and I had head aches from treatment so reading wasn’t a pleasure.
  • Noise reducing ear phones – Another thing I wish I had at the beginning of treatment. To be in control of at least one of my senses I feel would have helped me at appointments and relaxing at home.