About Me

I’m not sure where to start. The basics?

Im 37, married with 3 children and a dog. I have 5 brother and 2 sisters. I live close to my Mum and Dad and spend a lot of time there.

Sounds idyllic, doesnt it?

Throw in the loss of a child, blended families, mental health problems and a dollop of cancer and you will start to see the complications, the grief, the mourning, the every day struggle.

Writing has always been an outlet for me even though I didn’t do well at school.

I brought the domain name thatmumwith.com before I found out my cancer had spread. I had initially been diagnosed with curable stage 3 Breast cancer in June 2017. After Chemo, Radiotherapy a mastectomy with node clearance and a DEIP Flap I was told they had got it all. My world was getting bigger then the cancer so I wanted to start a blog that I could write about more then just my life with cancer. I wanted to share all my experiences and show the other side of me. The side I have been actively working on for the last 16 years to become the best version of myself. All that got side tracked when just like ‘the mac’ it returned. I have spent a good few months with my back to the world trying to digest my fate. That didn’t bring the best version of myself out.

So here I am trying to tell you about me. I hope you stick around because it will take more then a short bio.

Laura @thatmumwithcancer