Cosmic Creatures

Because I will never feel look or behave like I did BC (before cancer) it’s easy to get caught up in who I am now.

Fundamentally my core is the same just evolved.

I live in an increasing more common limbo.

Dependant on science and luck.

The constant I can rely on is death.

For this I am at an advantage.

All the things society says I shouldn’t love and treasure I do.

We are being tricked into thinking we will live for ever.

Eat Blueberries have Botox be nipped and tucked and you will trick the grim reaper.

We are sold an idea that appearing young and healthy is the secret to the universe.

That by living by someone else’s ideals we will be happier our lives will be fuller.

We put value in man made things but no value in the man.

We ridicule a woman for just being a woman.

It takes people who have been poisoned, diced and mutilated to make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Why is the front line filled with the mentally maimed and damaged? Why does it fall to the underdog to become the hero?

Enter the death eaters.

The privileged.

They don’t stand with the front line they want to be the front line, now all eyes are on them.

It’s a never-ending story.

It’s conversations and questions and answers that will never be answered because no one is actually listening.

We are too busy trying to be noticed.

Industry makes us not good enough.

We turn on each other.

We are taught to have no responsibility for ourselves.

We are taught that free thinkers are dippy hippies and are not to taken seriously.

Creatives are dreamers whose opinions do not matter.

We are shown that no one can genuinely be happy in their selves.

We have to surround ourselves with things.

Expensive things.

Wealth equals health.

Is it any wonder our mental health is crumbling.

Is it any wonder healthy bodies are choosing to die?

No matter how many things they have or how they look they can’t choose to live anymore.

We need to take it back, we need to take back what it means to alive and start to value the man over what the man makes.

Nothing is more important.

It shouldn’t take a lunch date with the angel of death to see the world for what it is.

Take down the filter.

Cosmic creatures with no self-belief.

Like a dying star.

Kindness is imploding on itself.

Hate is lazy.

Hate is wasteful.

We are all miracles.

One thought on “Cosmic Creatures

  1. I absolutely love this ! …really felt the,words and what you mean. So true and how perceptive ! …… special you are with or without cancer ❤


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