That Mum With…..

… a one stop shop of everything from Family to Cancer.

Having been a Mum for nearly 16 years my approach to parenting is quite relaxed. I feel so sad that in the last 10 years or so it seems that women/mothers are trained not to follow their own instincts. I am 1 of 7 children and my mum is 1 of 9. Being a Mum has always come very easily for me so having Mia on my own at 21 wasn’t the end of the world. My youngest brother was only 4 at the time so it was just another baby in the house. My Mum is very old school which has rubbed off on me.

I was the Health Visitors worst nightmare. After I had Bertie I couldn’t believe how much had changed. There was no making up a days worth of bottles anymore, weaning was 6 months not 3!! I didn’t abide to any of this. I did what was best for me and my baby.

I completely understand the fear some women must feel and it makes me sad to think they second guess themselves or think that someone else knows better then them. The online pressure of being perfect is another obstacle. I think it’s so important to not stress the smalls, so what if your late on the school run? The world does not end. Your child will not hate you. Take a breath.

They are only small for a short amount of time, why spend that stressed? Please and thank you are important. Writing their own name before they start nursery is not. To make a happy human you have to be a happy human.

Having children does change you. That is ok.

Through my own experiences I want to explore and talk about everything that effects us. Good and Bad.

You get in life what you have the courage to ask for. — Oprah Winfrey



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