Watching Sunday Brunch the other week I watch an interview and preformance with a singer Chris of Christine and the Queens.

I think its important to let you know when I was younger I would get obsessed with a piece of music or song. I hear something and it makes me hungry. Drunk hungry. When your drunkness and hunger are about the same level. You don’t eat it or devour it you inhale it. Thats me and music.

I don’t listen to radio or watch music tv. I don’t know kiki or if she ever did love me.

Not because I’m so alternative. But i do know what I like. I have an album for every mood. Tried and tested. I’ve even evolved with songs. Like a relationship. Sinnerman by Nina Simone has meant so many things throughout my life but I think I finally get it.

As an avid watcher of Tim and Simon they actually have some random but interesting stuff.

So back to Chris. French born but fluent in English explained their writing process and how a song written in French can translate to a completely different mood. I was blown away with their sense of humour and complete grasp of two languages and the artistry that comes with both.

I haven’t inhaled someones music like that for a long time.

Learning from someones words and ideas isn’t that same as following someone. A teacher and a leader are not the same thing. Wanting to expand what is already there in conversation, to add to the conversation. We all bring so many qualities, unique to our own experiences but some people are so closed they blindly follow. Desperate to belong.

You’re saying be your self but you’re wearing a uniform.

Just fucking love yourself.

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