not a fashion blogger.

I have never strived to be fashionable, I hold comfort above style always.

Losing my hair was an eye opener into the fashion world, the Instagram fashion world at least.

I loved seeing dresses paired with trainers.

Finally I didn’t feel like Lilly Allen in her early days.

I got brave being bald.

I wore things I never had the courage to before.

With a history of feeling like I never quite got it right and feeling inadequate on nights out I finally found my confidence.

Surprisingly it wasn’t in my clothes.

It was with my smile.

I had so much going on in my life with treatment and baldness I was just happy to be dressed and out.

It truly doesn’t matter what you wear if you are not confident.

You could be head to toe latest Topshop full glam and blow dry and still not look as good as the confident women wearing old jeans and minimal make up.

Saying that I do own garments that enhance my confidence.

I feel that is the key.

Your confidence has to start within.

Self love and self care.

Once you’ve nailed that you can throw a kick arse outfit on without even thinking.

I don’t believe in having one style either.

Different moods call for different colours and textures.

One thought on “not a fashion blogger.

  1. Hi Laura. I’ve always been a mood dresser too! I don’t feel comfortable wearing something that doesn’t fit my mood that day. Hence it’s hard to plan ahead what to wear 🙄


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