Being a Mum with Cancer is not easy. Imagine being the Mum of a Mum with Cancer.


Everything I hide from my kids. All the tears and fears. The Darkness. She gets it full throttle. As quickly as this happened to me it happened to her.

For a little while I felt guilty for putting her through this, I wanted to stop her hurting.

Something changed in me.

Why I am feeling guilt? I’ve done nothing wrong.

Wasted emotion.

So instead of letting this displaced guilt consume me I started talking to her. Open and honest sometimes really raw feelings.

What I saw was her strength grow.

Her Power grow.

All the while I felt guilty and didn’t want to burden her I was depriving her rights as my Mother. Denying her right to pick up pieces. In trying to protect my Mum I wasn’t allowing her to be my Mum.

Im grateful I learned this early on.

If you are reading this and you are carrying the guilt PLEASE speak out to the people who love you.

In the Words of Aquababie ‘let your momma love on you’


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