My words are my truth, they are like a portal. They take me places. They let me build or destroy.

I have always spoken words. I haven’t always spoken my truth.

The endless conversation I have with myself, sometimes I float and sometimes I drown.

Self forgiveness. 2 words I had spoken but not spoken as my truth.

Respect. Another word I speak and bestow on others. Silencing my truth. I now respect myself.

Throughout my life knowing how powerful words are I censored my own. With my words I protected what I loved.

With no self worth or self love I spoke for everyone. I championed your truth. I spoke kindly to you. I gave all my words of love away like party favours.

BANG! The metaphorical bus hit me.

My words were empty. I was shouting so loud I couldn’t hear myself. Demanding goodness for others but taking none for myself.

My words they never left me. My conversation with myself never stopped and with the worst words ever to be said lead me here.

To these words.

(I would like dedicate this to my friend Remi. The first person to call me a writer. I love you girl)

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