Breast Cancer Now

I have always been opinionated. I’m passionate and fiery. I speak freely everyday but today I was heard.

Em and I had a meeting at The Breast Cancer Now offices. We didn’t know what to expect. I think it’s fair to say defences were up. We were greeted like old friends and had an open frank and honest conversation about the Fashion Targets Breast Campaign and why it invoked such a reaction from us. Mistakes are made in life, no one is exempt. Moving forward and learning is the only way to make it better.

In the past 10 years alone Cancer treatments have got so advanced but sadly this information isn’t shared. People don’t understand the difference between primary and secondary or even how to talk openly about it. I feel Breast cancer is seen as 3 steps. Diagnosis, chemo then live or die. Somewhere along the line communication was lost. Cheesy campaigns were put over fact and figures. This miscommunication is what lead to my anger. The power of celebrity is undeniable and valued but so are the stories of the people living with cancer. I believe moving forward we will achieve the right balance.

We made it clear that we have no intention of being poster girls for breast cancer. Cancer is something we have. It does not have us. Instead we would like to be the opening act. The conversation starters. Behind the scenes making sure people have a voice and everyone feels valid. The ignorance around cancer is rife. A lot of us end up feeling like frauds because we don’t look how the media/tv portrays cancer patients. My own friends don’t fully understand what I go through. They see a happy smiling me and wonder why my dear friend Hayley still does the school run. If only they knew. If only the information was out there.

Only positive things can come out of today. I appreciate endlessly the kindness and support from Breast Cancer Now, especially Delyth Morgan. She could have left this up to PR to sort out but she has personally gone out of her way to make it right. I am excited to see what is to come.

Breast Cancer Now fund a third of cancer research in this country. A fact I never knew. A fact I am humbled to learn and a fact I will treasure.

I look forward to supporting the Wear It Pink campaign and sharing its importance.

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