Covid-19 & Cancer.

I remember watching the news and nothing was sinking in. A killer virus was heading our way. There was so much talking, the same questions being asked a million different ways and never once getting an answer. Just more questions.

The world of constant fear I lived in was now merging with the real world. The rules I live by are now applicable to everyone. No one is safe. Covid-19 was coming and no one or thing can stop it. We had to come together.

I thought I had felt the full extent of my fear. I was blissfully unaware of how much was still left to feel. After everything I have endured to stay alive it could be all for nothing. A virus of unknown origin was ravaging the earth, whole countries were shutting down. World leaders were visibly shook. Fear and hysteria was as rife as Covid-19. I saw the panic and uncertainty I felt every second of everyday everywhere I looked.

I took my children out of school a few days before the Government announced lockdown. I had to take control and do what I felt was best to save my sanity as well as our lives. No amount of positive thinking or attitude was going to protect us.

Lockdown is lonely, those of us who have been through chemo lockdown is our normal. Whilst we had to shut our lives down the world carried on without us. I had to watch my family & friends lives as a bystander. Now everyone is in lockdown selfishly I’m not as lonely. We are all in the same boat, I find that comforting. Community spirit is at an all time high. For the first time in a very long time I am excited to get back to life. We are not out of woods yet but this strange horrible time is something we share. It happened to all of us.

Together like a Phoenix we will rise from ashes stronger.

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