My Thoughts….

It truly is a dog eat world. At least it promotes ambition.

Its a truly unfair would. At least it promotes hope.

From where I sit I see justifications and sadness come from those with empathy in abundance. Hearts so filled.

Also from where I sit I see entitlement and inflated egos.

Social Media is a strange place.

King Midas is alive. No lesson learnt. Poor King Midas and his self proclaimed curse. Theres a good moral in that story.

Wanting more for your self is drive. Wanting more then others is greed.

Icarus got his flying shoes but was waned not to get to close to the sun. He thought he knew best. He didn’t listen. Poor old Icarus.

These stories have been around forever but people still do not take heed.

Money doesn’t equate respect or love.

Boundaries are essential.

Only Rocket Science is Rocket Science.

Children have infinite power and possibility.

Human nature is confused with a self inflated sense of human nurture.

Egotistical needs to be needed but not giving the tools to be independent.

Mothers love or Mothers control.

Ignorance confused for hatred, passion confused with anger. Everybody wants to be right but not listening to see if anyone actually is.

We have the right to speak but also the right not to listen.

Balance is the silence of one to hear the other.

Education is dangerous. Inquisitive minds are dangerous.

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