Down Days

I am in a dip. I found out a few weeks ago someone I once knew died of cancer. I am angry. Another child is motherless because of this awful disease. Another Husband goes to bed alone.

Cancer wins again. I am so angry.

I feel like I’m stuck in a box and I’m running out of air. I am trapped in a world of pain. I feel out of place in my own life. I don’t seem to fit anywhere. I lie awake at night my anxiety has me by the throat.

I am beginning to dislike myself. I do not like the dark transformation of my heart. I’m filling with bitterness and envy. I’m caught in the thought ‘it’s ok for them because……

Thats not me. Thats never been me. But I am angry and its consuming. I cant forgive cancer. I cant move on. I cant do anything but drown in my own anger. I am allowing myself to feel inadequate. I am choosing not to believe in myself. I am letting peoples choices effect my self worth.

When I started writing I was full of hope and inspiration. Now i’m conscious about sounding boring. How ridiculous is that. The Cancer community has really changed this pass year. All of a sudden my cancer isn’t good enough. I am not good enough. I cant beat this. My story doesn’t get a happy ending.

I’m just a Mum struggling with life like so many others. I don’t have the answers, I can’t run marathons I am not a spokes person for Breast Cancer. All I wanted was to leave enough of me so when I go my kids don’t forget me. I want Effy to feel like she knows me. I didn’t expect to feel like this.

I don’t want to be angry.

2 thoughts on “Down Days

  1. What to say you beautiful girl….to me you are truly courageous….i could cry a million tears for you… heart hurts for you…😙😙😙😙😙


  2. You are smashing. A brilliant mum and I’m sorry for the C. You make me laugh and I think you’re beautiful. Can’t wait for you’re insta stories. Check them out before any other. I also love your children’s names. All of them.
    Take care a be looked after by your awesome family and friends. Much love and healing thoughts to you xxxxxx


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