That Picture.

Why was I so angry? I keep asking myself that. It wasn’t just the campaign. It runs deeper.

A deep inferior epigastric artery perforator, or DIEP,flap, is a type of breast reconstruction procedure that a woman can have after a mastectomy or removal of her breast due to breast cancer. The term “flap” means that a surgeon takes healthy tissue from another area of a woman’s body for use in reconstruction.

I ignored my symptoms. I ignored a 20cm lump. I ignored a change in the texture of my skin. I ignored my bright red burning hot breast. It was only when my nipple started to invert I went to my doctor. I ignored it and hoped it would resolve its self. The chances of me having cancer were so low I ignored it. I had every excuse for it not to be cancer. A day turns into a week, a week quickly turns into a month. It was bound to be nothing.

I have in the past brought Breast Cancer awareness products. My wellies were covered in little pink ribbons. I had pyjamas, a key ring and gave regularly to Breast Cancer charities. Whilst I do believe in the power of celebrity in raising money. That is proven. I don’t believe in celebrity telling our stories.

Cancer treatment has come such a long way in the last 10 years but the language and awareness campaigns are dated. We also have a frontline of super humans willing and wanting to tell their stories. A z lister from TOWIE getting her tits on live tv isn’t brave. That is not an inspirational act. Tag lines like 2 is better 1 should never have been used. I’m not saying that campaigns have to include doom and gloom but it should represent class dignity and strength.

I would like awareness and research into secondaries brought forward. I want people to understand the long term effects cancer treatments do to our bodies. I want people to not feel alone or feel they cant share their feelings because of how the media portrays cancer.

I want to shine a light on the mental health side of cancer and its treatments. I want to talk about PTSD. How To speak to your children. Maybe if people were more informed of the whole story awareness campaigns would be more inclusive.

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